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Re: Release 5.0 Next Tasks

From: Andrew Janke
Subject: Re: Release 5.0 Next Tasks
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 20:45:04 -0500
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On 1/17/19 12:10 PM, Rik wrote:
Today we completed the language translations (task #12) and the lint checking of the code base (task #8).

Next up is tasks #9 and #10.

9) Verify 'make check' is passing on all buildbot combinations of OS and compilers

  * Start discussion on octave-maintainers list about which failing
    tests must be fixed
  * Identify and fix any tests determined critical in step above

10) Compile and run Octave test suite with --enable-address-sanitizer-flags to check for memory leaks

  * Results posted to bug report: #55415
  * Memory leak in graphics subsystem #55287

I've looked through the memory leaks in bug #55415 and I don't think they are gating on the release.  However, the leak in bug #55287 should be addressed for 5.0.

This isn't a whole lot so I imagine that we could produce the first release candidate over the weekend.  That will undoubtedly flush out a few more bugs, but the process does feel like it is converging.


There are still some tests in the test suite failing on macOS for me.

Run on 1/120/2019 against about commit 2ae2dcf0f4d5.


  PASS                            15453
  FAIL                               10
  XFAIL (reported bug)               43
  SKIP (missing feature)             48
  SKIP (run-time condition)          29

  Failed tests:

Is the goal to have a clean test suite baseline for the release?


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