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RC1 candidate

From: Rik
Subject: RC1 candidate
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 10:01:43 -0800


The big memory leak with the graphics system has been addressed, and
running 'make check' under ASAN shows only minimal leaks--mostly through
putenv which is an understood mechanism.

The last issue I would address before a release candidate is bug #55501. 
You will probably need to lend a hand on this one since it involves csets
related to refactoring the symbol table.

After that report is resolved I think we should produce a release
candidate.  At his point, we need to get more testing of the build system
on different platforms and configurations which is only possible by
extending the circle trying Octave 5.0 beyond the followers of the
Maintainer's List.

On that note, I started task #13 "Verify build process and create release
candidates" by verifying that "make distcheck" runs successfully.


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