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Can't define methods on a @datetime class

From: Andrew Janke
Subject: Can't define methods on a @datetime class
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2019 02:23:33 -0500
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Hi, Octave maintainers,

I'm working on an experimental implementation of the @datetime class.

I have a basic class that defines properties and basic conversions: https://github.com/apjanke/octave-addons/blob/968429c90ac25a422dec70bdd3c25811faba92ce/Mcode/datetime.m

I'm able to construct @datetime objects. And I can access its properties to verify it was constructed correctly. But I'm not able to call any methods on them. Octave is not recognizing that they're defined.

For example, I've defined a custom disp() for it, but the output remains the default "<object datetime>". And I have a datestr() method, but attempting to call it looks like it's calling the default datestr function. I have a hello() method, and that seems to work, so it's at least picking up some of the definitions. But "methods(d)" reports
no methods.

Could Octave's built-in "unimplemented" placeholder function for datetime be interfering with my ability to define
a class named "datetime"?


octave:1> cd ~/local/repos/octave-addons/Mcode; addpath ~/local/repos/octave-addons/Mcode
octave:2> d = datetime('now')
d =
<object datetime>

octave:3> d.dnums
ans =  737437.0985309570
octave:4> datestr(d.dnums)
ans = 12-Jan-2019 02:21:53
octave:5> datestr(d)
error: floor: not defined for object
error: called from
    datevec at line 161 column 7
    datestr at line 181 column 7
octave:5> hello(d)
ans = Hello, world!
octave:6> methods(d)
Methods for class datetime:

octave:7> class(d)
ans = datetime
octave:8> which datetime
'datetime' is a built-in function


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