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Re: Default line endings on Mac

From: Torsten
Subject: Re: Default line endings on Mac
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2019 20:13:55 +0100

On 10.01.19 19:57, John W. Eaton wrote:
> On 1/10/19 12:54 PM, Andrew Janke wrote:
>> Hi, Octave maintainers,
>> On macOS, at least with a Qt build, the default EOL mode for Octave as
>> of 4.4.1 is "Mac (CR)".
>> I think this might be an archaism: "Mac" (\r) EOL mode text files were
>> used by pre-OS X Mac OSes like Mac OS 9. Since the switch to the
>> Unix-based OS X, Mac programs generally default to Unix style (\n)
>> line endings. You can verify this by opening TextEdit and creating a
>> new plain text file: it uses \n EOLs.
>> Having files created in legacy Mac (\r) mode makes it a bit harder to
>> use Unix command line tools and stuff like GitHub with those files.
>> Can/should Octave be changed to default to Unix (\n) EOLs on macOS?
> If that is what is currently used by default on macos by other
> applications then I think we should switch.  We would, of course, still
> support files with CR line endings, but create new files with LF.
> Do we currently detect the line endings in the file and try to match the
> usage?  If not, should we?  How difficult would it be?
> Now, if Windows would just abandon CRLF in favor of LF only...
> jwe

The eol mode is detecting while loading the file into the editor. Then,
I will change the default on Mac to LF.


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