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const mapper functions

From: Rik
Subject: const mapper functions
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2019 12:24:48 -0800


Is there any reason not to make the function reference passed in to
do_rc_map constant?

ov-flt-re-mat.cc (738)
    V669     The 'fcn' argument is a non-constant reference. The analyzer
is unable to determine the position at which this argument is being
modified. It is possible that the function contains an error.

Line 737-738 of ov-flt-re-mat.cc is

static octave_value
do_rc_map (const FloatNDArray& a, FloatComplex (&fcn) (float))

The other *-re-mat.cc have the same question.  The function passed in is a
mapper like sin, cos, etc. and I can't imagine we would change it mid-stream.


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