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Re: Failed: Hydra job gnu:octave-default:coverage on x86_64-linux

From: Pantxo Diribarne
Subject: Re: Failed: Hydra job gnu:octave-default:coverage on x86_64-linux
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 19:17:49 +0200
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Le 19/10/2014 18:42, Mike Miller a écrit :
On Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 17:14:01 +0200, Pantxo Diribarne wrote:
I tried to make a fresh clone, bootstrap and build out of source and still
I couldn't reproduce the failure. What is different in the way hydra build
is configured?


I guess the answer is at page 4 of Mike's presentation [1]. Hydra first
builds source distribution and then builds this distribution tarball (and
genpropdoc.m was not present there).
Yep. Thanks for pointing to my presentation and addressing the failure
so quickly :)

BTW, I changed the Hydra notification during OctConf to send to the
maintainers list, so this has been the first test of that new setup.

On Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 15:44:30 +0200, Andreas Weber wrote:
genpropdoc.m is a dependency for plot-*properties.texi which I think
shouldn't. If you want to distribute genpropdoc.m (I think we shouldn't)
I think we should distribute everything needed to build, even if only to
generate files that are also distributed. For example, we distribute the
built user manual, but we also distribute the Texinfo source and
supporting build scripts.

with the dist tarball, are you sure genpropdoc.m runs after octave was
built? (for users which haven't had Octave installed yet)
For now, it does by virtue of the doc subdirectory being built after the
src subdirectory in the order declared at the top level.

In the future, we hope to have a fully parallelized non-recursive build,
at which point there will have to be a dependency added on the octave
executable and the run-octave wrapper script (also applies to

Thanks, I'll thus leave it as is.


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