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Re: Octave reputation

From: David Grohmann
Subject: Re: Octave reputation
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 08:37:21 -0500
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Søren Hauberg wrote:
I was just talking to one of my professors about how much more wonderful Octave is compared to Matlab. And he made the following statements against octave:

1) Octave isn't developed any more.
2) Octave doesn't have any of the toolboxes that matlab has.

Now both of these statements are completely wrong which I told him, but that's not the point. The point is that people (I've heard these arguments several times before) _think_ these statements are correct. I'm guessing that statement 1 is because there hasn't been a stable release in years. Octave 3.0 will fix that (yay!).
  I don't really know why Octave-forge is unknown.
Anyway, I'm writing this mail to ask how we should avoid people making these statements in the future? The way I see it, we should

1) Have stable releases more often (after 3.0 of course).
2) Put more visible links to Octave-Forge on the Octave website.

Anyway, I just want to let out some steam. I get really annoyed when people avoid Octave simply because of its reputation.

Now admittedly I'm not a heavy user, but what exactly is unstable about the last 6 builds of Octave(2.9.6-2.9.12)? Is the word stable here the same meaning as Debian uses which in my mind is "it must have been tested for a few years to make sure it doesn't, god only know how this could happen, destroy all the data on your computer" which is, I think, not the definition most people would use for "stable". In fact, I think I have seen Matlab crash more times than Octave in just over a year of use.

David Grohmann
Senior Student Associate
Applied Research Lab : UT Austin : ESL - S206
Office: 512-835-3237

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