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Re: Mex API changes for 64bit

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Mex API changes for 64bit
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2007 18:21:24 -0400

On  3-Jun-2007, David Bateman wrote:

| Except this part of the change is a problem as outside of Octave
| octave_idx_type is not defined. I see two solutions. The first is just
| to include oct-types.h in mxarray.h, though that might not be acceptable
| as it introduces an externally visible dependency on the octave code for
| the mex files. The second is to move mxarray.h to mxarray.h.in and have
| the typedefs
| typedef  @OCTAVE_IDX_TYPE@ mwSize;
| typedef @OCTAVE_IDX_TYPE@ mwIndex;
| then add myarray.h.in to AC_CONFIG_FILES in configure.in. John if you
| accept the patch for the mex API changes which of these solutions for
| the issue of octave_idx_type do you prefer?

I think it is OK to include oct-types.h since that is just some
typedefs and only includes standard C headers.  I don't see that it
introduces a dependency on Octave, though it does mean you have to
have Octave headers to compile MEX files with the Octave version of
mex.h.  But even if it did introduce an actual dependency on Octave,
would that be a serious problem?  The reason that Octave provides
mex.h is to allow people to build MEX files for use with Octave, not
so that they can build MEX files that will work with some other


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