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Re: manual

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: manual
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 16:45:48 +0100
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Michael Schmid wrote:

Thanks for this manual..

and this is waht I mean, where is the description of "isa" or "class"
which already exist in 2.9.3. ?

The function "isa" is not yet a part of octave, but rather a part of octave-forge. The function class is part of octave but is not yet indexed in the manual itself.. The manual has been updated in an ad-hoc way since the last edition. Prior to a 3.0 release it must be fully cleaned up. If you'd like to volonteer to help fix the manual, then send us some patches :-)..

You can get some info on these functions with "help class" and "help isa". Example usage of both functions is

octave:1> a = randn(2,2); b = 'string';
octave:2> class(a)
ans = double
octave:3> class(b)
ans = char
octave:4> isa(a,'char')
ans = 0
octave:5> isa(b,'char')
ans = 1
octave:6> isa(a,'double')
ans = 1
octave:7> isa(b,'double')
ans = 0


David Bateman wrote:

Michael Schmid wrote:

I'm searching a complete manual for Octave. But I can't found one for
the version 2.9.3. I know, it's a development version ...

But why not a kind of wiki-manual which can all the people who work
with octave manipulate?
On this way a huge documentation system about octave and
the different versions could be created.


I'll send one off-line compiled from the current CVS...


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