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Re: [nmh-workers] send -split not working

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [nmh-workers] send -split not working
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2019 11:18:18 -0500

>I tried using a components which fills a proper From header in for me. It did 
>fill in a good From: header but did not solve my problem. I am sure the From 
>header is correct because it does work without the -split option. I also tried 
>the -from option but that did not work either. I have no problems sending the 
>messages without the -split option.

Well, I have to caution you ... message/partial support is one of those
things in nmh that might have broken somewhere along the way, because it
is not something that we test for, nor is it something that is widely
supported.  I would actually guess that among MUAs, nmh might be the only
MUA that actually supports message/partial.  So even if you DID manage
to send a split message, I doubt any receiver would support it.

I am guessing, based on your error message, that this broke somewhere
before nmh 1.5 (that is when we started requiring a From in message drafts,
and it looks like the drafts produced by the split code don't contain a
From header).  1.5 was released in 2012, so I guess this has been broken
for approximately 7 years and you are the first person to notice.

This begs the question ... should we just remove the message/partial
code?  It generates a lot of complexity (especially on the receiver
side) and AFAICT we are the only MUA that supports it.  If we did
support it, it really needs reworked.  For example, the split size is
hardcoded at approximately 50k, which seems crazy in this day and age.

It must be said that fixing this is probably not hard; it looks like
all that needs to be done is copying the "From" header into the individual
drafts (that happens in splitmsg() in uip/sendaux.c); this is done
for other headers, you just need to add one more.  So I am on the fence
if this is worth fixing.  Thoughts?


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