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[Nmh-workers] scan doesn't appear to understand language encodings

From: Laura Creighton
Subject: [Nmh-workers] scan doesn't appear to understand language encodings
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2017 12:18:07 +0200

One of the nice things about scan is that, if the subject line is short,
you get something like this:

nnn  06/01 Mail Sender        Subject<<First line of content>>

I got this today.

374  06/01 Jacob Hallén       Fang Yuan Shi Wu<<S?dermannagatan 37 >>

(This is a restaurant in Stockholm where we will meet for lunch.)  All
fine and good but why did scan choke on the second letter of
'Södermannagatan'.  (Which some of you Americans may be choking on
right now, if your encoding is ascii.  It looks like a lower case 'o'
with two dots over it.)  Interestingly enough the 'é' in Hallén was presented
properly (that is an 'e' with a rising accent above if you are in ascii).

Show prints things perfectly, of course.  But it caused me to wonder.  If
scan can understand how to print 'Hallén' then surely it could understand
how to print 'Södermannagatan' as well?

Laura Creighton

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