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Re: [Nmh-workers] mhn/mhbuild

From: valdis . kletnieks
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] mhn/mhbuild
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 22:24:16 -0400

On Mon, 24 Apr 2017 20:39:05 -0400, David Levine said:
> Valdis wrote:
> > If users are supplying their own in-line #whatever directives, and
> > mhn does *not* call mhbuild, but does its own processing,
> I don't know what exmh is doing with mhn, but I assume that it
> gets mhn to exec mhbuild using one of its two methods.  If so,
> then build directives are processed identically by mhn and
> mhbuild.  If not, I don't see how mhn could process build
> directives, or what that would even mean.

Oh, good.  In that case, it's trivial to replace it with mhbuild. (Part of
the problem has been that I have a too up to date install of nmh, and thus
no mhn manpage remaining that says more than "deprecated".

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