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Re: [Nmh-workers] Spaces before Tabs.

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Spaces before Tabs.
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2017 13:40:25 +0100

Hi Ken,

> I'm an outlier, in that I still prefer using hard-tabs that are
> displayed to 8-space tabs stops.

...then four spaces for a half-tab.  `:se ts=8 sw=4' in vi.

> However, if we want to officially go forward and say "no ^I at all in
> the source code", then I'm fine with that.

OK, I'll bear that in mind, and the embedded directive to editors.

If we are going for wholesale spaces-for-indent then that's probably a
soon-after-1.7 job.

Talking of 1.7, I think there are some things that were marked
deprecated in 1.6 that could get the chop before 1.7...

Cheers, Ralph.

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