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Re: [Nmh-workers] forw

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] forw
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2016 13:18:23 +0100

Hi Norm,

> > 1) You have asked to send someone all of the attachments from a
> > particular message.  That functionality is not native to nmh, but it
> > is possible to script it.
> But what I don't understand is why isn't it?  In fact, why isn't that
> an option to forw, or even its default?

I'm still not sure precisely what you're after.

Someone sends you an email with a "Hi Norm, ..." bit of text at the
beginning and then three JPEGs of their holiday are attached.  mhlist(1)
will show the text as part 1, perhaps with alternative plain and HTML
parts, and the images as parts 2-4.

Your main option so far is to `forw -mime' which gives you a chance at
the beginning to say "Hi Ralph, Doesn't Paris look nice in the
Springtime".  I receive the email.  It's from you.  Part 1 is your text.
Part 2 is of type message/rfc822.  Part 2's bytes, if you mhstore(1) it,
are identical to the ~/mail/inbox/42 that you received above.  That
means it has all those headers from France, the "Hi Norm, ...", and the
three JPEGs.  I'll skip how the recipient might deal with receiving your
email with just one "attachment": the nmh ~/mail/inbox/42 as
Content-Type message/rfc822.

If you don't want me to see the sweet nothings from Paris, but just the
pictures, then your only option at the moment is, as David said, to
mhstore the Paris email in a temporary directory, giving you the text
part and three JPEGS, write a new email to me, and `attach *.jpeg' at
the whatnow prompt.  Is it this you wish to see made more easy?  As if
forw had some of mhstore's options?

    forw -mime -content-type image/jpeg 42

Other related possibilities are forw(1) without MIME, that gives an old
school email suitable for burst(1), as Paul points out.  I wouldn't
suggest that these days unless your recipient knows their (French)
onions.  And dist(1), that sends on 42 to new recipients without any
additional text from you, but with some new Resent-{From,To,CC} headers
that the recipients MUA won't bother showing, e.g. Gmail, leading to
confusion by that recipient.

Cheers, Ralph.

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