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Re: [Nmh-workers] Starting the final call for features for 1.7

From: Oliver Kiddle
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Starting the final call for features for 1.7
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2016 19:19:04 +0200

On 28 Sep, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
> I realise it's probably just the first one that came to hand, but it
> whiffs a bit, and

If you've got a good nose for it, could you perhaps try to sniff out a
better one. As you surmise, it was the first that came to hand. I just
did 'ag getline' in the opencsw subversion repository. The one other
implementation in there besides the GPL gnulib one is this:


Any good?

For the autoconf/automake stuff to replace getline, the following
patch seems to work. Should AC_REPLACE_FUNCS perhaps be earlier or
later in configure.ac?

The final change on configure.ac is to cope with cc -V output having
slightly changed in the most recent version of the compiler.

A number of tests are failing on Solaris. This seems to mostly consist
  id: illegal option -- u
  Usage: id [-ap] [user]
  FAIL: test/mhmail/test-mhmail

/usr/xpg4/bin/id -u would work but I'm not sure how to select that.
I thought command -p might help but not with /bin/sh. Would comparing
$LOGNAME to root do the job? Any other ideas?

Another issue is that tests using require_locale look for locales
in lowercase, e.g. en_US.utf8. On Solaris plus various *BSD systems,
these are output in uppercase form, e.g. en_US.UTF-8.


diff --git a/Makefile.am b/Makefile.am
index 33c7e2c..1ba68ef 100644
--- a/Makefile.am
+++ b/Makefile.am
@@ -504,7 +504,7 @@ test_fakesmtp_SOURCES = test/fakesmtp.c test/server.c
 test_fakesmtp_LDADD = $(POSTLINK)
 test_fakehttp_SOURCES = test/fakehttp.c test/server.c
-test_fakehttp_LDADD = $(POSTLINK)
+test_fakehttp_LDADD = $(LDADD) $(POSTLINK)
 test_getcwidth_SOURCES = test/getcwidth.c
 test_getcwidth_LDADD = $(POSTLINK)
@@ -632,6 +632,8 @@ sbr_libmh_a_SOURCES = sbr/addrsbr.c sbr/ambigsw.c 
sbr/atooi.c sbr/arglist.c \
                      config/config.c config/version.c \
+sbr_libmh_a_LIBADD = $(LIBOBJS)
 ## Because these files use the definitions in the libmh rule below,
 ## they need to be rebuilt if the Makefile changes.
diff --git a/configure.ac b/configure.ac
index d3fa76e..72b4c66 100644
--- a/configure.ac
+++ b/configure.ac
@@ -110,6 +110,9 @@ dnl CHECK FUNCTIONS
 dnl ---------------
 AC_CHECK_FUNCS([wcwidth mbtowc getutxent arc4random mkstemps])
 dnl -----------------------
 dnl -----------------------
@@ -134,7 +137,7 @@ if test "$GCC" != yes; then
   dnl better to use an autoconf test, except -v will probably succeed
   dnl with many other compilers but have different meaning.
   AS_CASE([`${CC} -V 2>&1`],
-          [cc:\ Sun\ C*], [AM_CFLAGS=\
+          [cc:*\ Sun\ C*], [AM_CFLAGS=\
 "${AM_CFLAGS:+$AM_CFLAGS }-v -errtags=yes -erroff=E_STATEMENT_NOT_REACHED"])

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