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Re: [Nmh-workers] Starting the final call for features for 1.7

From: Laura Creighton
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Starting the final call for features for 1.7
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2016 20:08:24 +0200

In a message of Sat, 24 Sep 2016 10:41:18 -0400, Ken Hornstein writes:
>>My nmh displays base-64 encoded mail just fine, but if you try to reply
>>or forward with the message quoted, it doesn't convert.  I get a base-64
>>encoded mail about once every 5 years, so it hasn't been worth complaining
>>about, and for all I know you have already fixed this.  But I thought it
>>was worth mentioning.
>Wow, ONLY once every 5 years??  I get those like a few times a day!  Well,
>that also includes email with quoted-printable and having a few weird

I think this may be an advantage of living in a part of the world
where ASCII is too small.  Once I got unicode up and working as text,
that is pretty much all I have to worry about.  iso-8859 is finally
dying around here, though I still have this mouthful in my .mh_profile
to handle it.

mhshow-show-text/plain: \
iconv -f "$(charset=$(echo %a | sed -n -r 's/.*charset="
if [ x$charset = xunicode-1-1-utf-7 ]; then echo utf-7;
else echo ${charset:-iso-8859-1}; fi)" | less

I forgot about quoted printable -- I do get those, but very, very, very 
rarely.  I never figured out what quoted printable is for.

>David already pointed you toward replfilter; that's been around for a
>while (since 1.5) and I thought it was well known, but still people
>don't know about it.  Like most of the MIME support in nmh, it's kind of
>bolted on, but it does make MIME replies reasonable.

The problem is that you typically get your new nmh one day when you, or
maybe the sysadmins at work, do a system-wide update.  Since you never
asked for it to get changed, you never noticed that you have a new
version (unless things stop working for some reason). I am not sure what 
the best way to handle this is, but these days I am very greatful
when programs come with a --help option, which refers you, amoung other
things, to where the documentation lives.

>You have two options: you can use dist(1), which some people find confusing
>when they receive a message used by it (the whole message ends up intact,
>and the sender appears in the "Resent-From" header), or forw -mime, which
>generates a mhbuild directive so you have to make sure you "mime" the
>message at the What now? prompt.  That makes the forwarded message into
>a message/rfc822 MIME part, and all of the MIME structure of the enclosed
>message is preserved.

But can I make interleaved comments just as I did on this piece of mail
in some mail that I am forwarding to others?

>In a future release I am hoping that by default repl(1) will be much smarter
>than it is now.  That's a much harder job that it appears.


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