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[Nmh-workers] Need some general advice

From: Ronald F. Guilmette
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Need some general advice
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2016 19:59:01 -0700


I'm in the process of trying to move all of my DNS, HTTP, FTP and SMTP
stuff off of my crusty old static-IP DSL line and over to a virtual
machine elsewhere.  Once I finish this process, my intention is to
tell my DSL provider to cancel out my static IP and convert me to
an ordinary sort of DHCP end-luser.

I'm already part-way finished moving my stuff to my shiny new VM
located elsewhere, and I don't anticipate any major problems in
moving all of my DNS, HTTP, and FTP servers over.  These parts,
at least, are almost no-brainers.

But things get rather a bit more complicated when it comes to email,
and frankly, I'm not sure how best to arrange things.  So I could use
some helpful advice.

To be clear, I've been using mh and nmh for at least 20 years now, but
most of that time I've just used it directly on my local machine so that
whenever I do an "inc" that command can just grab whatever messages are
currently sitting in the local /var/mail/rfg file and then plop them,
one-by-one, into my ~/Mail/inbox directory.  But that's no longer going
to be possible after I move my SMTP server to the new (remote) VM.

So, what is the best approach, going forward?  It seems to me that
there are two main possibilities, and then also nuances or sub-variants
of each one:

    1)  I can try to arrange things so that mail from the remote VM will
        be sent down to either an SMTP server or something else which
        runs on my home machine, all via (somehow authenticated) SMTP.
        Perhaps I can use the SMTP TURN command for this.

    2)  I can set things up so that the remote VM will run a POP3 server
        which I can then (periodically) have something on my home machine
        authenticate to and then suck pending messages out of in such a way
        that the NMH "inc" command will be able to get them.

So any opinions on which of these will prove to be the best way to proceed,
given that I hope to contine using NMH for my inbound mail reading and also
for my outbound composing?

Before answering, keep in mind that I will likely need to configure the
SMTP server on the remote VM (postfix) in such a way that my home machine
will be able to authenticate to it, you know, in order to send outbound
mail.  (The last time I tried something like this I think I gave up in
the end because it seemed like too much of a pain in the ass to get the
authentication all working.  But now I have no choice, and have to make
it work this time.)

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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