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[Nmh-workers] [mmh] mmh-0.3 is released! (meillo's mail handler)

From: markus schnalke
Subject: [Nmh-workers] [mmh] mmh-0.3 is released! (meillo's mail handler)
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2016 21:12:46 +0200
User-agent: meillo's mail handler (mmh)

Hello everyone,

it is my pleasure to announce the release of mmh-0.3:

        (md5sum: 880017112da72d7d67856c13a252d436)

The most important improvements:

- m_getfld() is replaced by m_getfld2() (i.e. We killed the beast!)
- mmh became portable over stdio implementations, e.g. musl libc
- repl now decodes MIME messages in the quotated text
- send invokes mhbuild automatically on every message
- send became able to send from folders other than +drafts
- inc learned to read from stdin
- mhsign encryption works with aliases
- whatnow2 is included as a probable future replacement for whatnow

See the NEWS file in the tarball for an extended summary of the changes.
Alternatively online: http://git.marmaro.de/?p=mmh;a=blob;f=NEWS;t=mmh-0.3
For the full changelog have a look at the ChangeLog file in the
distribution, use `git log', or view: http://git.marmaro.de/?p=mmh;a=log

You can clone the code with: git clone http://git.marmaro.de/mmh

Mmh's website is: http://marmaro.de/prog/mmh/

An overview on mmh's code base in numbers:

In total, mmh-0.3 has 32,645 SLOC, compared to 32,382 SLOC of mmh-0.2
and 28,757 SLOC in mmh-0.1. Regarding C code only, it's 25,930 (-430)
compared to 26,360 and 25,342. The subdirectories in detail:

        SLOC    Change    Directory     SLOC-by-Language (Sorted)
        19059   (+100)    uip             ansic=18223,sh=836
        6959    (-250)    sbr             ansic=6885,awk=74
        3017    (+400)    test            sh=3017
        2732              top_dir         sh=2732
        762               h               ansic=762
        92                config          ansic=60,sh=32
        24                man             sh=24
        0                 docs            (none)
        0                 etc             (none)

The largest growth again is in the testsuite. The main code in C
shrunk (which is a good sign). The growth in uip comes from
including both, whatnow in C (420 SLOC) and whatnow2 in sh (270 SLOC).
(All numbers calculated by sloccount.)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release. Again, it was
Philipp Takacs, who did most of the work. The commits:

     41 Author: Philipp Takacs <address@hidden>
     39 Author: markus schnalke <address@hidden>
     12 Author: address@hidden <address@hidden>
      2 Author: Vasily Kolobkov <address@hidden>
      2 Author: Dmitry Bogatov <address@hidden>
      1 Author: Jan Düpmeier <address@hidden>

Further contributions on the mailing list by: Marcin Cieslak,
Joshua Haase, address@hidden, Alba Pompeo, and Sören Tempel.

We welcome comments, bug reports, and suggestions. Please send them
to the mailing list at <address@hidden>.


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