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Re: [Nmh-workers] Help!

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Help!
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2016 15:53:46 -0400

>X-Authentication-Warning: shell1.rawbw.com: Host m206-54.dsl.tsoft.com
>[] claimed to be nad.dad.org

I am personally skeptical that email providers really notice this line.
But hey, maybe they do.

>Usually, this does not cause a problem. But some recipients reject my
>Email. I think because of that line. The attachment, 20, to this Email
>illustrates the problem.

If it's because they think it's spam, maybe that adds to the spam score.
But ...

>Another problem, or perhaps the same problem, is with Red Hat Support,
>which at some point stopped accepting my Email, though they had been
>accepting it.  The attachment 19, illustrates this.

It looks like the problem with Red Hat is that they don't recognize your
email address anymore.  That ... does not seem like a problem with your
email setup at all.  I think the only solution is to call them or contact
them out-of-band and try to resolve the problem.

However, to solve your original problem ... you can use the not-well-known
option "clientname" in your mts.conf, like this:

clientname: m206-54.dsl.tsoft.com

Although that might not be so great if that name changes all of the time.
Also, it seems that there is an undocumented -client switch to send/post
to set the SMTP client name, if you want to test things out.  Use the
-snoop flag to send if you want to see what's going on.


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