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[Nmh-workers] 2 of 88 tests failed on Unbuntu Trusty

From: John Tang Boyland
Subject: [Nmh-workers] 2 of 88 tests failed on Unbuntu Trusty
Date: Tue, 17 May 2016 15:53:10 -0500

I hope this report is useful to you.
I ran configure --prefix=ONETHING --exec-prefix=ANOTHERDIR
make test and got two errors (see below).,
As the errors will show, I was attempting to build/install in AFS.

Best regards,
John Boyland

PASS: test/forw/test-forw-format
 ./test/inc/test-deb359167 SKIP (missing valgrind)
SKIP: test/inc/test-deb359167
Testing inc of files with various alignments of eom marker with buffer size...
PASS: test/inc/test-eom-align
PASS: test/rcv/test-rcvstore
PASS: test/rcv/test-rcvtty
./test/refile/test-refile: "cmp 
but instead got:
    'cmp: EOF on 
FAIL: test/refile/test-refile
PASS: test/repl/test-if-str
PASS: test/repl/test-trailing-newline
PASS: test/repl/test-multicomp
PASS: test/repl/test-repl
PASS: test/scan/test-scan
PASS: test/scan/test-scan-multibyte
PASS: test/sequences/test-flist
PASS: test/sequences/test-mark
PASS: test/sequences/test-out-of-range

/afs/.cs.uwm.edu/package/mh/nmh-1.6/common/build/test/testdir/10497.actual: No 
such file or directory

./test/slocal/test-slocal: test failed, outputs are in 
/afs/.cs.uwm.edu/package/mh/nmh-1.6/common/build/test/testdir/Mail/inbox/1 and 
FAIL: test/slocal/test-slocal
PASS: test/whatnow/test-attach-detach
PASS: test/whatnow/test-cd
PASS: test/whatnow/test-ls
PASS: test/whom/test-whom
PASS: test/cleanup
2 of 88 tests failed
(1 test was not run)
Please report to address@hidden


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