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Re: [Nmh-workers] Big patch: Add XOAUTH2 support for SMTP and POP

From: David Levine
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Big patch: Add XOAUTH2 support for SMTP and POP
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 19:22:05 -0400

Eric wrote:

> I think we decided my names were ok? I don't mind at all if someone
> wants to change them now.

I think they're fine.

> > - Repeating -user for each command is possibly odd.  Maybe put
> >   -user on mhlogin and save it in the cred file.  Arguably easier
> >   -for the user this way, arguably not.  Changing it would
> >   -complicate the code slightly.  I don't really care either way.
> As I said, this would complicate the code, and I'm not  really sure
> it's worth it. So you have -user foo repeated on a few lines in
> .mh_profile, so what?

I think that I'll want -user, to support multiple accounts on the
same server.

> > - I have a lot of test cases in only a few broadly categorized
> >   test scripts, and they print descriptions as they go so it's
> >   easy to see what broke.  This messes up the test suite output.
> >   Does this make sense, should I change this only to print only
> >   if some environment variable is set, or should I just break
> >   these up into one test case per script?  I'd kinda prefer the
> >   latter, but I don't know if anyone objects to a big pile of
> >   test scripts in there.
> I thought someone had a suggestion for this, but just now I looked for
> it and didn't find it.

I don't recall a suggestion.  However, I just committed (on the
xauth branch) an optional mechanism that quiets the tests when
successful, but outputs the line that identifies the particular
test that failed when that happens.  I think this provides what
you want, but if not I'll take another shot at it.

The only changes to the oauth tests were to replace "echo" with
"start_test", and add one "finish_test" at the end.  start_test
saves the message instead of outputting it, and a trap function
outputs it only on failure.

> Also, I never did figure out what to do about different error messages
> on different platforms. I work on FreeBSD and Linux and they were
> different; never mind what other platforms look like...

We can see what happens after merging to master and running on the
buildbots.  Shouldn't be a big deal.


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