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Re: [Nmh-workers] base64 ... just looking for advice

From: David Levine
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] base64 ... just looking for advice
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2016 15:16:44 -0600

Wolfgang wrote:

> I've constructed a test message that shows the issue.  The original
> test message is "200", and my attempts to convert it (the text part)
> are 201 (no  specified, thus charset="iso-8859-1"; file is OK, but I
> want UTF8)

Right, per my previous message, -notextcharset is the default
so there will be no character set conversion.

> and 202 (  given, the text/plain parts is apparently UTF8,
> but the whole message remains iso-8859-1).

I'm not sure about that, for these reasons:

1) mhlist output:

>  202       multipart/alternative     1125
>              boundary="_000_FC5FFED413B51B4FBC991F3F78A1D46A29956C9CUK5EXCMBP
> R11s3m_"
>      1     text/html                  601
>              charset="iso-8859-1"
>      2     text/plain                 139
>              charset="utf8"

That shows part 2 as utf8.  mhlist just echos the charset in the
Content-Type header of the part, but it does indicate that mhfixmsg
attempted to do what we want.

2) When I cat the 202 file, I see the Umlaut in the text/plain part.

3) If I look at the bytes with in both 202 and the stored content
of the second part, which vim renders properly, they're identical:

$ od -ax 202 | grep --after-context=1 --max-count=1 'f   C'

0001020   h   a   r   a   c   t   e   r   s   :  nl  nl   f   C   <   r
           6168    6172    7463    7265    3a73    0a0a    c366    72bc

$ mhstore -file 202 -type text/plain  && \
  od -ax 202.2.txt | grep --after-context=1 --max-count=1 'f   C'
storing message /home/levine/src/nmh/202 part 2 as file 202.2.txt
0000060   r   a   c   t   e   r   s   :  nl  nl   f   C   <   r  sp   M
           6172    7463    7265    3a73    0a0a    c366    72bc    4d20

In both cases, f�r is properly represented by the byte sequence:
66 c3 bc 72.  (I'm using GNU od and grep on a little endian machine.)

4) If I remove the html content from file 202, vim properly handles it.
(And the BSD file command on Linux and emacs behave analogously.)

So, I think this a problem with vim (and other tools).


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