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[Nmh-workers] [Patch] Relative MH variable lossage

From: Richard M Kreuter
Subject: [Nmh-workers] [Patch] Relative MH variable lossage
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2016 12:58:47 -0500


It seems that using a non-absolute MH variable doesn't work when an MH
program chdir's and exec's a child that needs to read the
profile. (Example below involving show and mhshow.)

By inspection, setting MH to the resolved, absolute pathname inside
context_read suffices to solve the problem I've encountered, but I don't
know the overall codebase well enough to understand if it goofs up
something elsewhere.

Thank you,

$ pwd
$ cat mh-profile
Path: test/Mail
Unseen-Sequence: unseen
$ export PATH=/usr/local/nmh/bin:$PATH MH=mh-profile; scan cur > /dev/null
$ echo $?
$ export PATH=/usr/local/nmh/bin:$PATH MH=mh-profile; show cur > /dev/null
mhshow: unable to read the `/home/me/test/Mail/inbox/mh-profile' profile 
specified by your MH environment variable
$ echo $?

Attachment: mh-relative.patch
Description: Coerce $MH to an absolute pathname in context_read.

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