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[Nmh-workers] mmh-0.2 is released! (meillo's mail handler)

From: markus schnalke
Subject: [Nmh-workers] mmh-0.2 is released! (meillo's mail handler)
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2015 23:50:51 +0100
User-agent: meillo's mail handler (mmh)

Hello everyone,

it's my pleasure to announce the release of mmh-0.2:

        (md5sum: f783e729a25cc3bbe4b856aca89b85b2)

The most important improvements:

- Automatic encoding of non-ASCII headers using RFC 2047
- pick(1) works on decoded RFC 2047 header values
- New profile option Default-From, which defines just what it says
- The Dcc header is available again
- dist(1) works again
- A Sender header is inserted as appropriate
- Recipients are passed as command line arguments to sendmail
- rmm(1) uses refile(1)

See the NEWS file in the tarball for an extended summary of the changes.
Alternatively online: http://git.marmaro.de/?p=mmh;a=blob;f=NEWS;t=mmh-0.2
For the full changelog have a look at the ChangeLog file in the
distribution, use `git log', or view: http://git.marmaro.de/?p=mmh;a=log

You can clone the code with: git clone http://git.marmaro.de/mmh

Mmh's website is: http://marmaro.de/prog/mmh/

An overview on mmh's code base in numbers:

In total mmh-0.2 has 32,382 SLOC, compared to 28,757 SLOC in mmh-0.1.
Regarding C code only, it's 26,360 compared to 25,342 (+1020, i.e.
a growth by 4%). The subdirectories in detail:

        SLOC    Change    Directory     SLOC-by-Language (Sorted)
        18953   (+400)    uip           ansic=18395,sh=558
        7219    (+640)    sbr           ansic=7145,awk=74
        2733              top_dir       sh=2732,ansic=1
        2602    (+2600)   test          sh=2602
        760     (-15)     h             ansic=760
        91                config        ansic=59,sh=32
        24                man           sh=24
        0                 docs          (none)
        0                 etc           (none)

In the sbr directory, the RFC 2047 implementation added 670 lines
itself. The main influence on the code growth, however, is the test
framework. (All numbers calculated by sloccount.)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release. It was Philipp
Takacs, who did most of the work. I also like to acknowledge, that
a lot of code was ported from nmh.

We welcome comments, bug reports, and suggestions. Please send them
to the mailing list at <address@hidden>.


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