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Re: [Nmh-workers] How Does One Set mts.conf for msmtp as Sendmail?

From: Martin G. McCormick
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] How Does One Set mts.conf for msmtp as Sendmail?
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2015 12:57:47 -0500

Ken Hornstein writes:
> Help me out here ... I am confused.  Specifically:
> - I do not know anything about exim4 or msmtp
> - What, exactly, do you WANT to happen?  You didn't really say.

        nmh talks to sendmail on a Linux system and the sendmail
it is talking to is just another name for exim4 which is the MTA
found on many Linux systems. It is a drop-in for sendmail and
works fine with nmh if you are either working as a full mail
system that can do all the resolution necessary to directly send
mail anywhere or one can configure it to send all non-local mail
to a "smarthost" that does all the name and address resolution
for you. What it doesn't do very easily is contact a smtp
mailhost that requires a TLS-based authentication mechanism that
msmtp does handle more intuitively.

        All I need to happen is that nmh calls msmtp every time
it sends mail instead of "sendmail." I know I could just change
the link but nmh is only one application that needs sendmail.
Others that need sendmail are running local jobs that might
break if they end up talking to the wrong MTA.

        That's it in a nut shell.

Martin McCormick

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