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Re: [Nmh-workers] Stanford disliking my emails -- update + question

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Stanford disliking my emails -- update + question
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2015 22:48:04 -0400

>> Now, my edge router does have an IP address that has a FQDN (something
>> based on the IP address).  But AFAIK there isn't really a reasonable way
>> for someone behind a NAT to determine what their external IP address is;
>> I could hardcode it, but it changes occasionally.

That's an option ... but it not free (looks like it's $30/year now).  If
people want to write documentation on how to utilize that, then please
do so.  It's just ... well, nowadays the "standard" way of submitting
email is to push it to your ISP's smarthost or your email provider's
servers, and to simply put a non-qualified name in the HELO/EHLO message
(looking through sample messages, "localhost" sure is common).  I
know, I know ... plenty of people are going to tell me that they use
sendmail/qmail/postfix/smail/MMDF and it's awesome, it's the only way
to go.  We certainly will always support that option, but I kind of
think if you're asking on nmh-workers how to configure sendmail, then
you're not the kind of user who should be using sendmail in the first
place.  I'd rather the majority of the documentation be focused on
configuring nmh to behave like every other MUA.  But like I said, if
you want to write that up then please do so.

Also ... the optics of the suggestion to get your own domain are
terrible.  Specifically, it looks like, "For all of these MUAs, here are
the settings; for nmh, get out your credit card".  It just seems ...
lousy.  And for people who want to just send and receive email, it's not


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