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Re: [Nmh-workers] show message number scrolls off terminal?

From: Andy Bradford
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] show message number scrolls off terminal?
Date: 7 Feb 2015 22:49:57 -0700

Thus said Ken Hornstein on Sun, 08 Feb 2015 00:32:23 -0500:

> Oh,   definitely,   but   the   screen   switching   thing   done   by
> curses/termcap/terminfo   for  xterm.   I   thought   it  was   pretty
> standardized now, that's why I'm surprised it didn't work for Andy.

This is why:

$ echo ${PAGER:-NOTSET}

more is the default pager (which is actually less, but behaving like ).

I type show,  and the message is  displayed, if I scroll the  xterm up a
bit (using  the scrollbar) I see  the (Message f:n) displayed  above the
pager. When I  quit the pager, whatever  the last page of  data that was
displayed by show remains on my screen, which I actually prefer.

If I set my PAGER to less, I no longer am able to see the message header
above the pager as I intially reported, and I see the behavior which you
mentioned. After I quit show, I  see the (Message f:n) header, which was
probably printed before the terminal  jiggering that less does, but only
gets displayed after less returns the terminal under its own control.

TAI64 timestamp: 4000000054d6f928

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