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[Nmh-workers] Back to Dates

From: norm
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Back to Dates
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2015 05:37:11 -0800

I would like to suggest that mhl, show, mhshow, scan and any other mhl program
that displays a message, all have a flag, that would take an argument
specifying how the time of the message was to be displayed. It would specify
one of:

      The time of the message, here, where I am


      The time of the message in the message

      The time in the message in a time zone specified as in RFC 5322

            I don't know that this one is worth very much, since "here" and
            the env variable, TZ, or some such, can do the same.


      The number of days and decimal parts of a day since the message was

            I don't know what to say about about 23 or 25 hour days.

            I thought about asking for alternative time units, like years or
            hours, but decided that that was overkill.

Given this, I don't much care what the default would be, but I would think for
new users, "here" would be best.

I suppose that all this could be done with mh-format, but then it would be
beyond the ken of ordinary folks, and it would be harder to vary.

    Norman Shapiro

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