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Re: [Nmh-workers] Big patch: Add XOAUTH2 support for SMTP and POP

From: Eric Gillespie
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Big patch: Add XOAUTH2 support for SMTP and POP
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2014 21:26:34 -0800

Ken Hornstein <address@hidden> writes:

> I hope you don't mind that I'm going to sit down and digest the details
> of the OAuth protocol before I comment further; one problem I always had
> was that all of the documentation on it (including the Google ones) were
> so web-focused that it never was clear to me how you were supposed to
> use it for non-web based protocols.  Hopefully this will clear up some
> of the confusion.

Of course, take your time and digest.

The RFC leaves a lot up to individual implementors (e.g. Google,
Facebook, etc.).  One option for installed applications is to
start a local web server and use a URL it serves as the redirect
target passed to the authorization server.  I don't think we want
to integrate a web server, but even if we did, that's not a good
fit for us because many of us access nmh via ssh (I do).

The out-of-band stuff ("urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob") isn't
documented anywhere except Google's OAuth2InstalledApp page as
far as I can tell.  I think, like XOAUTH2, it's something Google
does that isn't standardized.

> I was under the impression you already have access to our git repo; would
> you be willing to commit this on a branch right now?  Then it would be easier
> for other people to look at it.

I didn't realize my CVS access carried over, but it looks like
it does!  I was able to add and fetch from a Savannah remote anyway:

0 nmh% git remote -v
savannah        git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/nmh.git (fetch)
savannah        git.sv.gnu.org:/srv/git/nmh.git (push)

Is this the command I run to push up my branch?

git push savannah xoauth

My git experience is solely as a frontend to Perforce at work,
managing private repositories at home, and sending out patches
with git format-patch; never actually pushed to a public repo!


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