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Re: [Nmh-workers] profile lookup

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] profile lookup
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2014 09:37:52 -0400

>>The other way is to store your default entries in a file named
>>mhn.defaults in your Mail directory. I've had them there for years
>>(roughly since the days when Richard Coleman was working on nmh) and
>>had largely forgotten why they were there.
>Oooh.  That's exactly what I want to happen.  Thank you very much.
>The man page is incorrect.  Can I submit a bug?

I'm not sure this is necessary; all MH files can be overridden by a local
copy in your Mail directory.  Also, mhn.defaults is specialized in that
it's only used by a few programs, not all of them.

>Indeed, it would appear that "show" (for example) only checks the .mh_profile
>and neither ~/Mail/mhn.defailts nor /usr/local/nmh/etc/mhn.defaults .
>Another bug?  Or intentional?

That is intentional.  mhn.defaults is supposed to only contain stuff used
for MIME configuration.  Back in the MH days, only the "mhn" command could
do MIME stuff, so it had it's own configuration file.  As we've got more
commands that could handle MIME, they picked up the usage of that config
file as well.  Now it doens't have to only contain MIME stuff; the profile
code makes no distinction.  That's just the convention that has developed
over time.


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