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[Nmh-workers] nmh 1.6 has been released!

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: [Nmh-workers] nmh 1.6 has been released!
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 22:41:07 -0400

I am pleased to announce the release of nmh 1.6.  It is available for
download here:


(I have also included a MIME external-body pointer to it below, which
newer versions of nmh should be able to use).

Nmh 1.6 contains a large number of bug fixes and new features.  The
release notes (see the NEWS file in the distribution) has a complete
list of new features, but here are some highlights:

- All proc entries in mh-profile(5) such as showproc or moreproc can now
  accept entries that contain spaces or shell metacharacters. Commands
  will either be space-splitted or passed to the shell to execute as
- File locking has been completely revamped; the locking method is
  selectable at runtime, sequence file locks are held on a transactional
  basis, and users can independently control the lock methods use for
  locking the mail spool file and nmh data files.
- A new utility, fmttest, is now available. This program is designed to
  help a user debug and trace programs written using mh-format(5).
- A new utility, mhfixmsg, is now available. This program is designed
  to transform MIME messages into decoded forms and repair invalid MIME
- The attach system has been completely revamped and integrated into mhbuild.
- Mhbuild can now encode message headers using RFC-2047 encoding rules.
- All nmh utilities can now encode and decode MIME parameters using
  RFC-2231 extended parameter encoding rules.
- All outgoing messages are now processed with mhbuild to ensure that
  all messages are MIME-compliant.
- Mh-format(5) now supports direct output for using terminfo(5)
  capabilities such as bold, underline, and color.
- Mhstore and mhshow now supports RFC-2017 (access-type=url) for
  external message bodies.
- If built with iconv(3) support, mhshow will convert text MIME content
  to the native character set.
- Mhshow will by default only display text parts that are not marked as
  attachments, and using a single pager.

Thanks to all of the hard work of the all of the contributors, and to
everyone who tried out the release candidates and gave feedback; it
was invaluable and much appreciated.

As always, please address your feedback to address@hidden

Ken Hornstein
on behalf of the nmh development team

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