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Re: [Nmh-workers] What are and what should be the qualifications for a c

From: norm
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] What are and what should be the qualifications for a current nmh user
Date: Wed, 14 May 2014 07:52:43 -0700

Ken Hornstein <address@hidden> writes:
hose things all look good.  I assume that you don't have any
>mhshow-show-text/html entries in .mh_profile. So, let me ask again ....
>what exactly is not working with mhshow?

Here is first problem. The body of some Emails consist of just HTML stuff or
perhaps an introductory line, followed by HTML. Rendering the HTML as text,
via (I guess) w3m, is pretty pale compared to viewing it via a browser.

So I ask: Is there an argument, I could give to show, that would emulate the
existence of a .mh_profile entry like:

        mhshow-show-text/html: %pmhshowHelper '%d' '%s' '%f'

Second thought: After installing w3m and elinks, should I have rebuilt and
reinstalled nmh?

Third thought: I've been thinking about my initial assertion that the original
MH was used by completely novice secretaries. That's true, but it was an
unfair comparison to today. Those secretaries were not sitting alone at home
with a PC. They were in a office, within a few feet of more experienceg users,
and often, within a few feet of relative experts.

   Norman Shapiro

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