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Re: [Nmh-workers] refile's -retainsequences switch

From: norm
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] refile's -retainsequences switch
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 11:10:09 -0700

Ken Hornstein <address@hidden> writes:
>>     The -retainsequences switch causes the memberships in sequences, except
>>     "cur", of the refiled messages to be carried over to each destination
>>     folder.
>>I am truly sorry, to be so dense, but I can't decipher that sentence. In this
>>context, I don't know what is meant by "membership" (I think as the members of
>>sequences as messages) or by "carried over". Would some nice person help me.
>Perhaps an example would be better:
>+inbox, message 35
>sequences: foo, bar, blah
>% refile +inbox 35 +newfolder
>Refiled message is:
>+newfolder, message 42
>sequences: foo, bar, blah
>Philosophical question: are sequences an attribute of a message, or are
>messages attributes of a sequence?

If I understand you then:

If message 35 of folder, inbox, is a member of sequence aaa then

        folder +inbox
        refile -retainsequences 35 +deleted

Should create a sequence, aaa (if one did not already exist) of folder,
deleted, and 35 should be a member of aaa. But that does not happen for me.

So either there is a bug in -retainsequences or, more likely, I don't
understand you.

    Norman Shapiro

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