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[Nmh-workers] use of 'Unseen-Sequence' with rcvstore (Was: Re: refile ha

From: bergman
Subject: [Nmh-workers] use of 'Unseen-Sequence' with rcvstore (Was: Re: refile handling of corrupt .mh_sequences)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2014 08:58:31 -0500

In a message posted a long, long ago: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 11:10:45 -0500,
I wrote:
<[Nmh-workers] refile handling of corrupt .mh_sequences> were:
=> I frequently have corrupt .mh_sequences files, most likely due
=> to interaction between procmail (using rcvstore) and claws-mail
=> (which updates .mh_sequences, but seems to ignore rcvstore locks,
=> unsurprisingly).

I'm looking at this issue again, focusing on rcvstore. I'm running
nmh-1.5-4.fc19.x86_64. I found the following statements in the man page
for rcvstore:

        If the switch -unseen is given (it is on by default), and if the
        profile entry "Unseen-Sequence" is present and non-empty,  then
        rcvstore will add the newly incorporated message to each sequence named
        by this profile entry.
                If you use the "Unseen-Sequence" profile entry,
                rcvstore could try to update the context while another
                nmh process is also trying to  do  so. This  can cause
                the context to become corrupted.  To avoid this, do not
                use rcvstore if you use the "Unseen-Sequence" profile

This may be the cause of the frequent sequence file corruption that I'm

It seems that the default is exactly what the man page warns against.

Does anyone know if the man page is accurate (ie., if it corresponds to
the source code)? 

Is there a recommended work-around?

I know that some commands use filelocks (a huge can of worms in NMH)
with sequence files...does rcvstore?



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