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Re: [Nmh-workers] charset conversion for windows-1252

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] charset conversion for windows-1252
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 10:25:03 -0400

>My impression is that 1.6 is some ways off, but it looks from the
>log like there have been quite a few bug fixes in the 17 months
>since 1.5. Is HEAD in a state which would be fit to release, or
>would a bugfix release involve some cherry-picking? I'd be willing
>to help with either of those.

I think HEAD (master, really) isn't quite in a releasable state; some things
are still in flux.  But I'll make you a deal; if you do the cherry-picking
and testing of patches, I'll help with the release engineering (putting
release candidates and releases up on the web site).

We already have a 1.5-release branch, so I think a 1.5.1 should be
done off of that.  If you have questions on what you need to do (I don't
know how familiar you are with git) then please don't hesitate to ask.


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