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[Nmh-workers] iCalendar attachment support with calcurse

From: David Levine
Subject: [Nmh-workers] iCalendar attachment support with calcurse
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2013 10:01:37 -0400


There was brief discussion a while back about nmh support
for iCalendar (text/calendar, .ics, RFC 5545) attachments.
It looks like calcurse, http://www.calcurse.org/, will let
us view, send, and respond to calendar requests easily,
though a bit crudely.  It's packaged for Macs and many Linux
and BSD distributions, http://www.calcurse.org/downloads/

Instructions are below for those interested in trying
calcurse out.  If there's interest, maybe we can integrate
it better into nmh.  I'll ask the calcurse maintainers for
some enhancements.  No timezone support is the biggest
drawback for me.

I just committed one minor update to nmh, to support sending
of text/calendar files with whatnow attach (send -attach).
If you attach using mhbuild directives, you don't need that


To view an iCalendar attachment with mhshow or mhn, all I had
to do was install calcurse, set it up once, and add this to my

#: With mhshow, the following just views the calendar attachment.
#: With mhn, it inserts it into my personal calcurse calendar.
#: calcurse must be set up before or at first use.  To set up beforehand,
#:   either run it without any arguments and then "qqqy", or:
#:   $ echo qqqy | calcurse
#: The range of 60 is in days:  anything after that range (or before the
#:   current date) won't be shown.
#: The grep of TZID works around a current (v. 3.1.4) calcurse
#:   deficiency:  it doesn't support timezones.
#: The | cat below allows a sequence of shell commands.
  %lcalcurse -c /dev/null --read-only --import '%F' --range=60 --todo | cat;
  calcurse --gc;
  grep TZID: '%F'
  %lcalcurse --import '%F' | cat;
  grep TZID: '%F'

To create and send out a calendar request:
  1) Launch calcurse and create the calendar request.
  2) Export the calendar request to a file, either using the
     "x" command from within interactive calcurse or using the
     -x/--export command-line option.  The output filename
     should have an extension of .ics if you'll use send -attach.
  3) For compatibility with MS Outlook, edit the calendar
     request file and insert this line into the VCALENDAR
     and insert this line into the VEVENT section:
UID:<uid string>
     where <uid string> should be unique.

     If you insert the following 5 lines just before the
     END:VEVENT line, it will enable alarms for recipients who
     have support for them:
  4) Attach the calendar request file to a message.  With
     mhbuild, be sure to specify a Content-Disposition type
     of "inline", using {inline}.  The send -attach support
     handles this properly, as of the current nmh HEAD.

To respond to a calendar request:
  1) Store the calendar request in a file using, e.g.,
     mhstore -type text/calendar
  2) Edit the calendar request, changing the METHOD and your
     ATTENDEE lines to look like:
ATTENDEE;PARTSTAT=<action>;MAILTO:<your email address>
     where <action> is one of ACCEPTED, DECLINED, TENTATIVE,
     or DELEGATED (or COMPLETED or IN-PROCESS for to-do's).
  3) Send that edited request by attaching it to a reply to
     the meeting requestor; see last step under "To create and
     send out a calendar request" above.

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