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Re: [Nmh-workers] De-MIMEing

From: Ronald F. Guilmette
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] De-MIMEing
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 11:47:27 -0700

In message <address@hidden>, 
Ken Hornstein <address@hidden> wrote:

>>OK, if you say so.  (It would certainly not suprise me to learn that
>>there was a pre-canned solution to all of these problems that I had
>>just simply never found.)
>So, can you help me a bit?  I put replyfilter in the NEWS file with nmh,
>it was in the release announcement, it's on the web page, and it was
>discussed to death here on the mailing list.  I'm trying to understand how
>I could make it so more people know about it, because clearly everyone
>isn't getting the word (it's not just you, others have said the same thing,
>including one person on the mailing list who sent out email RIGHT AFTER I
>posted the release announcement)

I am definitely not the right person to ask about issues relating to

Have you considered hiring the Goodyear blimp and having it drag a sign
with the relevant URL over midtown Manhattan during the lunch hour?

(Sorry.  It is all I could think of on short notice.)

>>>If you look at replyfilter...
>>Can you give me a link for that please?
>Assuming you have 1.5, you've already got it.

I'm getting ready to get myself the hell off FreeBSD and onto Debian.
It will be hard transition, but it is well overdue.

I mention this only because if there is one thing I have learned about
FreeBSD it is that it is best not to assume anything.  Third part packages/
ports are often woefully out-of-date.  (This is one of the main reasons
I've decided to give up on it after more than 15 years of using it.)


Anyway, it does look like I _do_ have 1.5, so I'll look at what you
sent me.  But not just now.  I need some sleep.


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