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[Nmh-workers] replyfilter

From: Johan Viklund
Subject: [Nmh-workers] replyfilter
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 09:18:51 +0100

I just now discovered replyfilter, and I am very grateful for it (I was
just on the brink of writing it myself).

For once something is written in a programming language that I am
familiar with so I can contribute ;).

1. Is there any reason for the function prototypes (the ($$*) after
subs)? The general wisdom among Perl hackers is to not use it unless you
know you need them as they can add subtle bugs. The perlsub(1) manual
page states:

    "the intent of this feature [prototypes] is primarily to let you
    define subroutines that work like built-in functions,"

And I can't see any calls like that anywhere in the code. Additionally
the declaration of the subroutine must come before the call site for the
prototypes to be checked (this is not the case). Maybe I'm missing
something, but I think it should be removed - as it stands, it only
gives a false sense of security.

2. Currently it displays all text parts inline. I would like it to not
display text parts that has 'Content-disposition: attachment'.

I can send patches for these two changes if you want. The first one is
perhaps not so crucial, but the second one I would expect most people
would want.

Ps. Personally I would like to turn on both strict and warnings and I
can do the work for this if you are interested (use warnings at the top
would have warned about the prototypes for example). But it's mostly a
matter of aesthetics.


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