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Re: [Nmh-workers] Pasing stdin to "inc -file" ?

From: Ronald F. Guilmette
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Pasing stdin to "inc -file" ?
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2013 14:22:41 -0800

In message <address@hidden>, 
Joel Uckelman <address@hidden> wrote:

>Thus spake "Ronald F. Guilmette":
>> I am signed up for many mailing lists, including this one, which
>> I do not actually read on a routine basis, but which I like to
>> archive locally using appropriately named MH folders that reside
>> underneath my own ~/Mail directory.
>> Of course, as far as the MH system is concerned, the proper way to
>> place a new message into a folder is the "inc" command.  But "inc"
>> requires that the message be grabbed either after it has already
>> been delivered to the user's onw local maildrop file or else that
>> it come from a named file.  This creates a sort-of impeadance
>> mismatch with the way that procmail wants to do things.  It just
>> wants to pass the message file to some other command via stdin.
>> Also, of course, each time "inc" runs it diddles the user's
>> $HOME/Mail/context file to point to the folder/directory where the
>> nes message is being refiled, regardless of whether the user desires
>> this behavior or not.
>Can't you use rcvstore for this?

I don't know.  Can I?

This (rcvstore) is yet one more thing that I never even knew about until

(It would have been Nice, I think, if the SEE ALSO section of the man
page for inc had mentioned this one.)

>For example, I've had this spam-filing recipe in my .procmailrc for ages:
>:0w: Mail/sp/$LOCKEXT
>* ^X-Bogosity: Spam, tests=bogofilter
>| /usr/libexec/nmh/rcvstore +sp

Can you help me to understand the first line of that?

Obviously, based on what I already posted, I _do_ understand the initial
":0" part of that, and I just looked man the procmailrc man page and now
I have learned about the 'w" part.  But what's that other colon doing in
there?  And what is the significance of "Mail/sp/$LOCKEXT" ?

Sorry to be so helpless, but as all can see now, I'm actually rather
seriously ignorant, both about anything but the most rudimentary features
of procmail and also, apparently, about all but the most fundamental
commands provided by nmh.

But this is all proving to be very educational, and I'm grateful.


P.S.  Does rcvstore diddle the user's $HOME/Mail/context file?

For my purposes, it would be Nice if it didn't.

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