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Re: [Nmh-workers] message rewrite/fix up

From: David Levine
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] message rewrite/fix up
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2013 14:38:23 -0500

Ralph wrote:

> Hi David,
> >   mhfixmsg [+folder [msgs] | -file file] [-outfile file]
> Are stdin and stdout required?  An `anno -inplace' on an existing
> message would seem adequate.

A filter would be handy with procmail.

> Don't bother backing up stdin, it's transient by definition.

I was thinking that at one point, though it would be nice
when used as a filter.

> > and using one of these for the filename, in order:
> >   1) Message-ID with all / converted to periods, if file does
> >      not already exist.
> >   2) Message-ID with all / and \ converted to periods, if file
> >      does not already exist.  (Need this for Windows.)
> >   3) Concatenation of BACKUP_PREFIX (usually ",") and input
> >      filename.  For stdin, that is a tmp filename of form
> >      mhfixmsg-XXXXXX.
> Why not replace all three with rmmproc; I've already got that doing
> what *I* want.  It's a pain it's not used everywhere as it is
> without adding more exceptions.

Good point, I'll insert rmmproc before all of the above.
I'll keep them because I want them and they don't take
much code.

> For my needs I'd be happy with something that turned all parts into
> sane representations, e.g. kept text/html as such, moved to utf-8,
> moved to 8-bit if reasonably else base64; quoted-printable wouldn't
> be needed?

Not sure what you're saying about base64 and q-p?  That
charset translation must include decoding of the part?


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