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Re: [Nmh-workers] message rewrite/fix up

From: Harald Geyer
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] message rewrite/fix up
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2013 17:33:55 +0100

> I'm not a w3m user but I think that formats the HTML into text?  I was
> interested in a base64 windows-1252 text/plain staying as text/plain but
> utf-8 and 8-bit.  IOW, ideal for grep.

Me too, but probably that would be a different tool?

Personally I care about the message in it's most usable form and not
about the original, but I can see that keeping the original might be
a sensible thing to do, so what I believe would be useful is some new
tool mhfoo, which at the minimum would do:

mhfoo [msgs] +folder
write msgs (default cur) into folder in "preferred form"

inc -mhfoo [-keeporig +folder]
rebuild any messages into "preferred form" during incorporating and
only keeping the original around if the -keeporig option is present.

(I probably would have something like 'inc: --mhfoo' in my .mh_profile)

I think "preferred form" obviously is utf-8 and 8bit today, I'm less sure
what I'd like to happen to multipart messages (with non-text parts).
I guess that pretty much depends how the rest of nmh is going to handle
those in the future. I'm also undecided on whether "preferred form"
includes headers to properly mark the message as 8bit as if it was
actually sent that way.


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