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Re: [Nmh-workers] Every Three Minutes

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Every Three Minutes
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2013 17:55:52 +0000

Hi Norm,

Also, have you more than one machine on your network that deals with
email?  Only a single Postfix wouldn't normally loop on an error like
that, for obvious reasons, so I wonder if you've multiple parties on
your network, nothing to do with the ISP, and this is chatter amongst
themselves.  If so, you need to be looking at the queues on the one
sending the email; lad.dad.org?

If you just want some peace whilst looking, stopping the postfix(s) one
by one may help.  `sudo /etc/init.d/postfix stop' or whatever your Unix

Cheers, Ralph.

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