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Re: [Nmh-workers] $editalt and -noatfile

From: David Levine
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] $editalt and -noatfile
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2012 18:47:59 -0600

Ken wrote:

> You know, I have no idea why there is both editalt and mhaltmsg; from
> looking at the documentation, maybe mhaltmsg is just for whatnowproc?

That makes sense.

> Hm.  Looking at things further .... right now "mhaltmsg" is designed
> to be used by things like "send" (it uses it when doing "dist").  So I
> guess the short answer is "editalt" is just for external programs (nmh
> does nothing with it other than set it) where mhaltmsg is designed to be
> used by whatnow/send/whom.

$editalt just seems out of place to me.  It's the only
lower-case environment variable that doesn't start with "mh".

Looking at the descriptions of $editalt and $mhfolder in
mh-profile(5), I think we should move the description from
$editalt to $mhaltmsg.  And keep $editalt, of course, but
just note that it's a synonym for $mhaltmsg.

I updated the mh-profile, dist, and repl man pages to note
that @ is only created with -atfile.


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