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Re: [Nmh-workers] fmttest program - where to install it?

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] fmttest program - where to install it?
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 11:08:27 -0500

Random thoughts based on what people have posted so far:

- I'm fine with moving stuff into $(prefix)/libexec; the reason those
  programs were in $(libdir) was historical, and I think MH predated hier(7).
  I have no doubt this will screw over someone :-/

- Should we create links in $(libdir) for all of the programs that move to
  libexec?  I'm neutral on that.

- I'm kinda with Ralph and David in that I would feel guilty of
  taking "ap" and "dp" now for nmh, especially since they're
  relatively unimportant commands.  I'm fine with leaving those in
  libexec.  fmtdump, I think that's one that could go into $(bindir);
  I don't think there's much of a conflict there.


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