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Re: [Nmh-workers] mh-v

From: rader
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] mh-v
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2012 00:03:33 -0600

 > > [...]
 > >   http://www.hep.wisc.edu/~rader/mh-v/
 > I grabbed it and installed it on a Fedora 17 system, which had
 > the few prerequisite packages already installed by some stroke
 > luck.
 > > Have been using it 40, 60 hrs/wk since I ditched EXMH in late
 > > Dec 2011.
 > I don't know that I'd ditch exmh.  How does mh-v handle image
 > attachments?  I like how exmh displays them automagically.

Short answer: you have to type <tab>, and 'v' (assumes you have X11

Long answer: MH-V makes all attachments available via "hyperlinks" shown
in the "Attach:" header line.  (It also makes html multipart/alternative
content available via a hyperlinks in the "Alt:" header line.)  You can
throw them at your browser, or up on the web using 'v' (view) or 's' (save).
Consider msg 23 in my inbox...

  Date:    Fri, 09 Nov 2012 15:44:21 CST                                        
  To:      Steve Rader <address@hidden>
  From:    Antonio Granados <[redacted]>
  Subject: FW: Very Clever                                                      
  Attach:  23.2.jpeg
  Alt:     23.1.1.html 

Here <tab> would highlight "23.2.jpeg" (message 23 part 2) in light gray.

When I'm running MH-V on localhost's display, I then do 'v' to have MH-V
execute "mhstore" to save the image attachment and do e.g.
"firefox -browser file:///home/rader/.mh_cache/23.2.jpeg &" 
to bring it up in my browser. 

When I'm remote and have fast X11 forwarding, I do 'v', and MH-V sees 
I have the SSH_CLIENT env var set, and it thus does
"firefox -browser http://some.domain.name/~rader/mh_cache/23.2.jpeg &"
(because file:/// is not local/available.)

When I have slow X11 forwarding or am at a public computer, I type 's'
to save, and then nav to http://some.domain.name/~rader/mh_cache/ in 
a browser.

Also, for viewing html multipart/alternative, alls one needs to do is 'v'.
This is nice for all those emails you receive that have worthless text/plain
parts and/or only text/html parts that don't render well in elinks.

 > > Started as a lark after barely getting vmh to compile/work on
 > > linux,
 > vmh ... wasn't that something that one could get to run on Sun-3s
 > with SunView?  I think I might have explored that before finding
 > Xmh.

[I went from command line mh to Xmh on a crappy VAXStation 3200, or maybe
even a crappy 19" COLOR DECStation 3100, so you win.]

But really you're a bit off: vmh is a curses thingie, not SunView.  It was
shipped broken with nmh, until it was removed in 1.4?  It displays "scan"
output, uses up/down arrow key to select msgs, and <enter> to "show".

When I got it to limp along (with end-of-line and/or num columns problems)
during xmas vacation in Dec 2011, I thought, "shit, I could code this in
Perl curses in like 10 minutes."  Which I did, mostly for kicks.  And at
almost exactly the same time I realized Perl curses supports xterm-256color.
And I thought, "shit, I could make this into a faster EXMH with GTK+ colors
in like 10, 15 pre-dawn-pre-family cups of coffee."  It took me about 30.
(When Ken called me crazy the other day, I think that was a complement?)

 > > having EXMH getting annoyingly long in the tooth, and realizing
 > > modern curses supports 256 color xterms.
 > >
 > > Have never got around to saying "there's 1.0 version now".  Oh,
 > > well, the user base is probably less than two.
 > Be prepared for a 50% increase in the user base!  It looks pretty
 > good.  vim's spell check and diction highlighting works too.
 > Well done!

Yes, there's some minimalist highlighting done by MH-V.  But MH-V shouldn't
get any credit for spell checking: I think you'll find that's just pure vim
in comp/repl/forw?

 > As soon as I get a minute to wrap an RPM package around the
 > beast, and merging the provided nmh config files with my own
 > custom deviations, then I'll dive into actually using it full
 > time for a while.  I'm happy to shoot you the .spec file for the
 > RPM, if that's useful to you.

Thanks for the offer, but I already have makefile to scp over stuff.


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