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Re: [Nmh-workers] re repl'ing to msgs with utf-8 From & Subject

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] re repl'ing to msgs with utf-8 From & Subject
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 14:00:19 -0400

>Well, on second thought I don't exactly agree: 1) in reality I often modify the
>Subject:, which I can't do if they are encoded, 2) I'm guessing down on the
>farm almost all mail bits (MTAs and MUAs) will correctly handle plain Subject:
>headers with raw UTF-8, and 3) down on my farm msgs with RFC2047 headers
>actually decode to plain text ASCII--they are only RFC2047 encoded because some
>Verizon smart phone MUA (or perhaps the email.com MTA) insist on it.

You really modify subject headers that often?  I can say that I almost
never do that.  Actually, scratch that ... I NEVER do that.

I would not be so sure about 2) ... I know that Cyrus IMAP used to reject
mail messages with headers that contained non-ASCII characters.  And to
me the biggest problem is the encoding contains the only place where the
character set is listed.  The only times I've seen "bare" UTF-8 is in
spam messages.  Maybe it works fine, but at the very least you're going
to have character set issues.

As for 3) ... okay, I've seen that.

>So I'd like to intelligently decode the Subject: (not duplicate Re:).  Is that
>possible?  Using...
> Subject %<(decode{subject})Re: %(decode{subject})%>

Errr ... it doesn't?  Seems to me like it should.  Well, maybe you shouldn't
use %(decode{subject}) as the test ... but it looks like to me that that
should work, and I tested it with "ap" and it seemed to do the right thing.
And I even tested it in my replcomps and it worked, although the key line
in my replcomps looks like this:

%<{subject}Subject: Re: %(decode{subject})\n%>\

What happens when you try to use it?


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