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[Nmh-workers] sortm's Default of all is Brain-Damaged.

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: [Nmh-workers] sortm's Default of all is Brain-Damaged.
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 14:32:44 +0100


Once again I've been bitten by a lone `sortm' defaulting to `all' when I
intended to do `sortm lp'.  On a folder of some 20,000 emails that quite
perturbs incremental backups!  `rmm' doesn't default to `all' so I'm not
sure sortm should;  it's too destructive as the old order may not be

I suggest sortm without specifying a set of messages be an error.  Old
behaviour can be got through `sortm all' or a new option that folks can
put in ~/.mh_profile if they're happy with it as it was.

I'm off to create ~/bin/sortm like I should have done last time!

Cheers, Ralph.

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