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[Nmh-workers] mhstore -clobber

From: David Levine
Subject: [Nmh-workers] mhstore -clobber
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 13:46:58 -0500

Committed, see man page excerpt below.

Also, I commit the ; -> && in shell commands the two
remaining places in whatnow.


Overwriting Existing Files

The  -clobber switch controls whether mhstore should overwrite existing
files.  The allowed values for this switch and  corresponding  behavior
when mhstore encounters an existing file are:

     always    Overwrite existing file (default)
     auto      Create new file of form name-n.extension
     suffix    Create new file of form name.extension.n
     ask       Prompt the user to specify whether or not to overwrite
               the existing file
     never     Do not overwrite existing file

With  auto and suffix, n is one beyond the existing file with the high-
est number in the same form.  If a filename does not have an  extension
(following  a  '.'), then auto and suffix create a new file of the form
name-n and name.n, respectively.  With never and ask, the  exit  status
of  mhstore  will  be  the  number of files that were requested but not

With ask, if standard input is connected to a  terminal,  the  user  is
prompted  to  respond  yes, no, or rename to whether the file should be
overwritten.  The responses can be abbreviated.  If the  user  responds
with rename, then mhstore prompts the user for the name of the new file
to be created.  If it is a relative path  name  (does  not  begin  with
'/'),  then it is relative to the current directory.  If it is an abso-
lute or relative path to a directory that does not exist, the user will
be  prompted whether to create the directory.  If standard input is not
connected to a terminal, ask behaves the same as always.

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