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Re: [Nmh-workers] bcc components

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] bcc components
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 13:42:04 -0400

>send(1) says that when constructing the headers for the BCC recipient,
>that it:
>       Prior to  sending  the  message,  the  fields  "From: address@hidden",  
> and
>       "Date: now"  will  be  appended  to the headers in the message.  If the
>       environment variable $SIGNATURE is set, then its value is used as  your

So, a couple of things here:

- I think everyone agrees this particular man page is out of date on your
  installation, because the man page shipped in 1.5 doesn't have this text.

- The relevant text from the 1.5 man page (which has been unchanged forever)
  says this:

       If a “Bcc:” field is encountered, its addresses will be used for deliv‐
       ery,  and  the  “Bcc:”  field  will be removed from the message sent to
       sighted recipients.  The blind recipients will receive an entirely  new
       message  with  a  minimal  set of headers.  Included in the body of the
       message will be a copy of the message sent to the sighted recipients.

  The key here being “minimal set of headers”.

- But … there's still a bug here, and it turns out it's my fault.

  Back when I made the changes for requiring a “From” header in drafts I
  went through and removed a bunch of code that put in a “From” header
  when there wasn't one (commit 15e3d453f414fc1b815ec4895960cad312e78ef9).
  But that removed the code in make_bcc_file() that would add a
  “From” header to the Bcc draft.  Looking at that code now, I
  realize the logic was wrong; it would add a “Sender” field to the Bcc
  draft if the ORIGINAL draft message contained a “From” header, otherwise
  it would add a “From” header.  Clearly the code was a cut and paste from
  other sections, so I thought it behaved the same way; my mistake.

So, this is the problem Michael is having; there's no “From” header, so
his SMTP server is inserting it's own and it's not what he wants.  Seems
to me the obvious solution is to make sure the Bcc draft contains a
“From” header, and the obvious answer is to use the “From” header from
the original draft.  Objections to this change?


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