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Re: [Nmh-workers] The third release candidate of nmh is nowavailable

From: David Levine
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] The third release candidate of nmh is nowavailable
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 10:33:36 -0400

az wrote:

> anyway, i ran into a few minor issues, mostly related to the test suite:
> the mhshow/test-* and bad-input/test-header tests fail in an
> interesting fashion: mhshow uses more and without stdin (at least
> the util-linux-)more adds
>   "::::::::::::::
>   name of file
>   ::::::::::::::"
> to the output. this breaks the comparison of actual and expected
> value.
>   but on reflection a 'moreproc: cat' in the dummy .mh_profile for the
> tests seems more appropriate.


> * pick/test-pick doesn't survive an existing /dev/tty that is not backed
>   by kernel support (-w succeeds but writing fails, and
>   set -e makes this terminal...).
>   if test -w /dev/tty && echo > /dev/tty; then... fixed this issue for
> me.

Done (using "printf ''" instead of echo so nothing is
actually written when it can write).

> * format/test-mymbox doesn't work when you build under sudo (or
> fakeroot),
>   because $LOGNAME is used but %mymbox{text} triggers on the effective
>   uid and the comparison fails. for the debian version i removed the
>   default and go with id -unr.

This had already been fixed, but just on master and not the 1.5
branch.  I copied the master version to the branch.

> apart from that there was just one tiny man glitch: install-mh claims to
> bein section 8, but its file name (and makefile entry) place it in section
> 1.


> (the debian version also moves nmh and mh-chart into section 7.)

I think that they should be put in section 7, but I'm reluctant
to do that now in the 1.5 cycle.  So I'll just do it on master
for the next release.



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